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  1. OctaDiamond Mar 31, 2012

    It's still April 1st in enough parts of the globe, so happy anniversary for CLAMP-sensei & all the fans here & out there.. happy b-day Watanuki-kun too!

  2. limes-eye Feb 29, 2012

    To anyone who cares:

    Just added all the new members to the group. Welcome.

  3. keimae22 Nov 04, 2011

    hi! new here..hope to be a member soon^^

  4. DragonBlood Sep 03, 2011

    Hello...I would like to join this group...

  5. sejal May 05, 2011

    such a beautiful group. I love xxx holic.

  6. OctaDiamond Apr 03, 2011

    More ice-cube-frogs... hope all is well0_o

  7. topVOCALOID Feb 21, 2011

    i just joined the group

  8. yuuko555chan Dec 23, 2010

    nice group!

  9. happychan Nov 18, 2010

    why is the background in this group so dark? I barely see anything with my eyes. Is this group still alive or it's already inactive? :( com'n... I just finish watching xxxHOLIC and I want to talk with people who love xxxHOLIC so much.... ~~~~~>__<~~~~

  10. Tist Nov 18, 2010

    hello mina!

  11. Horseradish Oct 13, 2010

    Hey everyone! My name's Horseradish----but you can call me JD if you want to. ^^v

    I just started reading Tsubasa last week and finished it in 3 days. LOL. I also started reading xxxHolic during that time also. The storyline of both mangas is just pure awesomesauceness! <3333

    BTW, I'd like to submit a wall that I've created:

    The Parting of Ways

  12. THINGY Oct 08, 2010

    I'm particular to the manga, but the the OAD was a must watch no matter what.

    > may I join?

  13. kuchukuTulip Sep 13, 2010

    i realllllllly love the anime and ive joined too but i dont know how does the group thing goes but i am very happy to have applied.

  14. em17 Jul 17, 2010

    im really happy to join here...

  15. vitaanimax Jul 05, 2010

    hiy for all of member nice to meet you ...

    please take care of me ...

  16. tsuyutsuki Jun 13, 2010

    So, I think this is my first comment here, what a shame, I know. -_-
    But I ma writing to compliment the look of the Group's page and specially the little Mokona that goes in place of the cursor... I want one for me~ XD

  17. uffy-chan May 20, 2010

    Hii everyone,^^

    New submission of Kimihiro-kun wallies ^^

    here's the link of the image, I hope you can appreciate it:

    Hitsuzen dake by uffy-chan
    Hitsuzen dake by uffy-chan

  18. ColdHaiKu Apr 25, 2010

    Thanks for the add !

    I'm a big lover of the xXxHolic world...and I can't wait no more to see the OAV "Rou" ^^

  19. CuteSherry Apr 24, 2010

    This group is really sleeping uh? ^^;;

    Well, some news: xxxholic vol 17 + OAD was released yesterday, there are still no video available online, it's still too soon...
    The release date of volume 18 seems to have also been already scheduled: in october 2010.
    For the ones of you who don't know yet, xxxholic moved in another magazine and will be monthly starting June 5th.
    Also, it's been announced that 11 millions of copies of holic were sold ^^ Which make it the 4th most sold manga of Clamp (1-TRC - 2&3-X+CCS)

  20. meilian Feb 17, 2010

    ooo....Kuro mokona is so cute .....

  21. sakuraii Feb 08, 2010

    Thanks for letting me join :) i love xxxHolic!

  22. simply-5th-heirloom Jan 24, 2010

    hello to all members and admins...

    im glad to be a member here...

    anyway does anyone know where i can watch the whole movie,

    i only finished until episode 14...

    the video was removed due to " infringement "

  23. lenaelric Dec 30, 2009

    Uuoow! CSS wonderful! *__*
    and the watanuki this is sexy on pictures of
    group 8d

  24. OctaDiamond Dec 30, 2009

    Hi simply-5th-heirloom, hope u r enjoying the holidays^^ since u r a fan of xxxHolic, u r more than welcome to join up here.. all it takes is to click the link at the top right-hand corner^__^ ...wishing a good new year for u & all xxxHolic members!

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